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Behind the Brand

Current solo exhibition at The Square Club, Berkeley Square, Bristol August-October 2022 

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Emma Catherine

Contemporary Artist

Contemporary Artist Emma Catherine works intuitively, focusing on the tranquility and magic of the 'Moon, Earth and Sea' using mixed media, gold leaf and layering to accentuate the spectacular vastness of undiscovered energy that lies beneath the surface.

She grew up in the countryside with a deep love and fascination for nature and art.

After studying Fine Art and working as a designer, she moved to Provence in France with her family.

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, azure skies, glittering dappled cobbled streets, exotic hummingbird moths, warm golden aromas of mimosa and paint peeled shutters, she began her large abstract work.

Emma now lives in England, she sells her work all over the world, exhibits and holds regular art workshops.

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