As we head into the last weeks of the summer holidays, I have started to feel that sense of anxiety that comes with the start of school and the new term. One thing that the pandemic has taught me is how unnecessary and unproductive stress actually is.

I Painted this elephant commission In the middle of sorting out sixth form school for my son and saying goodbye to my 21 year old daughter starting her new job hundreds of miles away, it focused my mind and kept me in a calm and happy place In the middle of what felt like a whirlwind.

I’m sure humans have always used creativity to keep themselves sane. I believe if art was taught as a therapy at school, we would have happier and more self contained people. mom putting my thinking cap on and will start my online classes soon! 💜 paint for peace!

I’ve Started to paint family watercolours which have turned out to be really popular.

Somebody asked me to paint a version of a family photo, I added a leafy, summery

background and made sure everyone looked happy and lovely, it gave me that wonderful old fashioned, Enid Blyton feel and before I knew it, I had loads more orders!

it was a real joy to see all the beautiful memories and all the different families sharing that one thing in common, love! ❤️

There are lots of different techniques used to do portraits, this one is really great if you’re having difficulty with proportions. it’s simple but really effective. I’ve speeded the video up here, it sounds like I’m in a tropical jungle, it’s actually my voice!

If you’d like the real time version, just message me and a I’ll post you a copy ❤️ Happy creating! 🥰 

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