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Emma Catherine

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Emma Catherine is an indépendant Artist. This Artist has made a name for herself by creating stunning artwork that captivates the imagination and transports the viewer to a world filled with mystery and magic.

With her colourful, intricate creations she has gained a loyal following of Art lovers who are drawn to her unique style. Her work can be described as dreamlike and other worldly with a touch of magic that is truly enchanting.

Emma's work is also going to be featured in the upcoming BBC series, Industry. This is an exciting opportunity for her to showcase her work to a wider audience and will be great to see how it's integrated into the show.

Emma's golden Unicorn called 'The Bristol Kiss' that has been created for Leukaemia Care Charity for the Unicorn Trail in Bristol organised by the Unicorn Fest. Her Unicorn has been chosen to be displayed at Ashton Court in Bristol. It symbolises love and connection, perfect for all the weddings that will be happening over the Summer. The Unicorn will be auctioned in September.

For those that are not familiar with Emma's work, we highly suggest visiting her website to get a taste for her unique style. She also accepts commissions if you've been dreaming of your own bespoke piece of Art.

Emma has also started sketchbook journaling classes at The Hideaway Restaurant in Bristol, perfect for mindfulness and meeting like minded people.

She is currently selling her work at Room 212 on Gloucester Road in Bristol, a wonderful and quirky little gallery filled with local Artists work.

Don't miss your chance to experience her Artwork in person, upcoming exhibitions include Roy'Art Fair September 2023 at the OXO Tower Wharf SE1 9PH and the Peacock Arts Trail in Corsham.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

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